Why Am I Sure that We Will Have to Pay for The Future From The Beginning by Brand Image?

Written By: DR. Neng Nurhemah, M.Pd - Jan• 10•15

Followsare The five mind step of thinking to build the branch image for the future according (Howard Gardner) :

  1. Discipline mind(pikiran terdisiplin); we have to be mastered a way of thinking the behavior of science characterizes
  2. Synthesizing mind( pikiranmenyintesis) ; we take and retrieve information from various sources, then try to understand- comprehend, at last evaluate the information objectively and makes sense comparing for us and also for others think that it made valuable for now and future.
  3. Creating mind ( pikiran mencipta ) used discipline and synthesizing to create the innovation and get the new ideas by asking the unpredictable questions and generating new ways of thinking, at the end all people around us accepted our idea as we prepared. Every one now at least, that we have the characteristic by the new image as innovator.
  4. Respectfull mind ( pikiran merespek ) getting attention, accept andwelcomes to the differences among individuals and groups of people trying to understand of them and seeks to work effectively with them in the world where all interconnected for someone who ignore and wouldn’t respect , there is no places and no space for them.
  5. Ethical minds ( pikiran etis ); etichal minds work based on the various experience on analysis of the life that we have been through inside or out sides of our lives, it is contemplated from one’s work, the need of wishes of the people oround us and also the main goal of organization that we brought grow and thrive.

There are so much mind that would be influence our thinking to set up mind and attitude required to get the brand image as characteristic of us, but the five is enough for the priority. Takes our steps future as the center of moves towards success of us by working very hard and become the last surrender to reach our dream, forgetting about the hot and crowded around us, let follows the birds and called them “ where the birds fly for years building the heard”. I’m convinced that the first step is how are we build our branding to grove the behavior of us.(NENG NURHEMAH, headmaster SMAN 2 Kota Tangsel)